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Health Account

You decide what’s good for you

AOK Nordost supports your healthy lifestyle in all stages of life. With the AOK Health Account you can flexibly and individually choose between numerous health benefits. Up to €500 per year is available to you for that purpose.

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Bonus Plan

The AOK Bonus Plan is suited to those who lead health conscious lives. This plan allows you to partly design your own contribution to statutory health insurance provided that you are healthy and your contributions are not covered by a third party.

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Family Program

Right from the start we are there for you and your family with the AOK Family Program. We give you lots of useful information all about the family, advise you on all sorts of topics and offer a wide range of services.
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AOK Baby on time

Greater safety during pregnancy thanks to additional advice and screening offers that help reduce the risk of a premature delivery.

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AOK Schwanger

Important information for expectant mothers about medication, care and fitness during pregnancy – easily accessible via our smartphone app.

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Additional care and screenings, plus extra free services in our special care package for children and young people up to the age of 18.

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Child MRI

Highly reliable diagnoses thanks to special magnetic resonance imaging, with diagnoses from experienced paediatric radiologists.

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A small selection of the services offered by AOK Nordost – Die Gesundheitskasse

Medical treatment

Should you fall ill, you can choose to be treated by any permitted panel doctor using your AOK health card. Your doctor will choose the treatment that is most likely to offer you success – and we will cover the cost.

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Sick pay

You shouldn't have to worry about money when you're ill. It is much more important to concentrate on ensuring a full a speedy recovery. We can give you advice not only on sick pay, but also on any other issues relating to your incapacity to work.

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Hospital treatment

AOK members basically have free reign when it comes to choosing an approved hospital – or even a specialist or university clinic, depending on the type and severity of treatment required. Your doctor and the AOK can help you choose the right institute for you.

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Check-ups and early detection screening

The earlier health conditions are detected and treated, the greater the chances of a cure usually are. AOK covers you for a whole range of check-ups and screenings, thus providing a high level of security.

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In order to counter-act the constant increase in the cost of healthcare, German law allows for deductibles.

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Foreign Students Information

Welcome to Germany. AOK has prepared important information regarding the start of university studies in Germany.

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