Sick pay

You shouldn't have to worry about money when you're ill. It is much more important to concentrate on ensuring a full a speedy recovery. We can give you advice not only on sick pay, but also on any other issues relating to your incapacity to work.

For contracted employees
If you are ill for longer than six weeks, you will receive sick pay from us. The amount of sick pay you receive will be based on your income up to this point.

For the unemployed
Unemployed persons are also usually entitled to sick pay.

For the self-employed
Self-employed persons and freelancers can choose to receive statutory sick pay starting from the 7th week that they are unable to work.

For people in short-term and temporary jobs
You may also be entitled to sick pay.

For artists and journalists
If you are an artist or journalist and a member of the German Artists' Social Security Fund (Künstlersozialkasse, KSK), we will give you sick pay starting from the 43rd day that you are unable to work.

Childcare sick pay
If a child is ill, the mother or father will need to stay at home. So it's a good job that AOK offers sick pay for childcare!

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