AOK Bonus Plan

AOK Bonus Plan for those who lead active and healthy lives

The AOK Bonus Plan is suited to thos who lead health conscious lives. This plan allows you to partly design your own contribution to statutory health insurance provided that you are healthy and your contributions are not covered by a third party.

Who is the Bonus Plan designed for?

This plan is focused towards all AOK members who

  • live healthily
  • sporty and active

This tariff is less suitable for those who regularly require medication or where hospitalisation is in the foreseeable future.

However, you cannot use this optional tariff if your contributions are entirely covered by a third party (e.g. if you receive unemployment benefits).

AOK Bonus Plan at a glance

Starting with the basic bonus
You receive an automatic annual basic bonus when joining the AOK Nordost AOK Bonus Plan amounting to 80, 110 or 230 euros, based on your gross income and tariff class.

Leading up to the additional bonus
Long-term healthy living is well worth it.  You will receive your initial additional bonus if you go three years without taking up a prescription for medication or receiving hospital treatment as an in-patient. This annual bonus is rendered retrospectively after the third membership year for the preceding three years. As from the fourth year, you will receive the annual bonus annually if you have continuously not used any of the above mentioned benefits. The amount of the additional bonus is determined by the tariff chosen.

Carrying through with the health bonus
The health bonus is 70 euros annually. You receive this bonus though personal initiative in the areas of check-ups or fitness.

You receive the health bonus when you participate in these cost-free check-up offers. Co-payment costs are not incurred here.

  • Annual dental check-ups
  • Cancer screening (women from age 20, men from age 45)
  • Health check-up every three years
  • Tetanus and diphtheria vaccination or vaccination update (every 10 years)
  • Flu and pneumococcal vaccination (from age 60)

You prefer to earn your health bonus by being a bit more active? Show us once a year just how fit you are – with one of these sport badges¹:

  • German Sports Confederation sport badge
  • German Athletic Federation running or walking badge
  • German Swimming Federation swimming badge
  •  German Cycling Federation racing or touring (40 km or more) badge

You prefer indoor sport? Then show us what you are made of by completing one of the annual fitness tests²:

  • 2 km walking test
  • PWC bicycle ergometer test
  • IPN bicycle ergometer test

¹You can take the sport badge tests in the members' clubs of the relevant associations.
²These are for the most part free of charge in a member club of the German Association of Fitness Clubs or in a TÜV-licensed fitness club.

This is how the AOK Bonus Plan works

AOK Bonus Plan members agree to a blanket co-payment for each doctor visit where you receive a prescription for medication, as well as for each day in hospital. The blanket co-payment follows the same principle as the basic premium, according to gross income.
The co-payment is deducted from your annual total bonus.
The less benefits you use, the lower the co-payment and the higher the total bonus.

What is not included?

  • Normal visits to doctors (without a prescription for medication) are not credited.
  • Nor are check-ups or vaccinations.
  • Prescriptions and hospital stays for spouses or children also on your insurance policy will not be included in the AOK Optional Plan.
  • Pregnancy-related benefits are not included, even if the mother is given a prescription by a doctor. This also applies if the birth takes place in a hospital.
  • Prescriptions for birth control pills are generally included for women up to the age of 20.  Co-payment also does not apply when using this plan.

When is the bonus paid out?

Payment is always rendered at the end of the calendar year. Chargeable co-payments (doctor visits with filled prescriptions for medication, hospital stays) are determined by the AOK. The bonus to be credited is then calculated and will be offset against each other. Payment for the preceding year is rendered by 30 June.

May I sign up for a tariff partway through the year?

You may sign up at each forthcoming beginning of the month. Bonus payments and maximum co-payments are applied proportionally.

Signing up

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